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Easy Strawberry Matcha Costco Croissant

These strawberry matcha croissants are the perfect summer recipe to whip up for brunch!

These strawberry matcha croissants look like they took hours, but come together in minutes with store-bought croissants, light and fluffy matcha whipped cream, homemade strawberry compote, and fresh strawberries.

“You can fake that adorable, Parisian aesthetic with these strawberry matcha croissants.”

My lazy girl hack for this recipe is to buy croissants from the grocery store. This makes for an easy, yet elegant recipe that’s perfect for brunch or a family breakfast. The first step to achieving this perfect treat is to lightly toast your store-bought croissants to crisp them up before you add the fillings. The crispy flakiness of the croissants will help to balance out the fluffy whipped cream. To get a perfect whipped cream, make sure your dry ingredients are sifted in to ensure that your whipped cream is nice and smooth, especially the matcha powder. I recommend culinary grade matcha for the best flavor, but you can use ceremonial grade if that’s what you have on hand. The good thing about culinary grade matcha is that it has a stronger flavor and is better to add to baked goods, as its flavor is more pronounced among other ingredients. On the other hand, ceremonial grade matcha is better in drinks because its taste is less bitter. Either type of matcha can work in this recipe. In terms of assembly, you can spread either my homemade strawberry compote on the croissants, or substitute it with a store-bought strawberry jam.

These delicious croissants will have everyone thinking you are a pastry chef. Enjoy!

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