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Quick Funfetti Rice Krispy Treats

Delicious Rice Krispy treats can be made in minutes at home. A few little tweaks and they can be even better than the store-bought ones.

I used to eat an entire box of these growing up, so when I learned you can make them in minutes, I was ecstatic. The perfect crunchy yet gooey treat, that I recently discovered can be customized to all sorts of flavors.

Marshmallows - Make sure to get the mini marshmallow or cut the jumbo ones up first, so you can melt them evenly. Be sure your marshmallows are fresh and have not been sitting around too long, otherwise, they might end up a bit dry.

Cereal - I find the store brand cereal works just as well as the popular brand.

You can make these on the stove or in the microwave. My biggest tip is to only microwave 10 seconds at a time or to use the stovetop on LOW, so you don't burn your marshmallows.

Pro Tip: If you want to elevate your Rice Krispies, brown your butter first. Browned butter makes everything taste better. It really is a magical ingredient. If you need to learn how to brown butter, check out this blog post. It takes minutes and you are going to fall in love.

Now, grab all of your ingredients and get to no-baking. These will be ready in a jiffy!

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