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Death by Chocolate Cake

This chocolate cake is the perfect combination of dutch cocoa, stout beer, and espresso.

You might call me crazy, but I did not like chocolate cake at all before I tried this amazing cake recipe by Sugar Geek Show, one of my favorite bakers. This cake converted me to a chocolate cake lover and I now use this recipe to make chocolate cupcakes!

This cake has so many different ingredients that magically come together to make the perfectly flavored chocolate cake that actually tastes like chocolate. First off, the dutch cocoa powder is what gives the cake its chocolate flavor. Dutch cocoa is alkalized and is usually paired with baking powder. It is darker, melts more easily, and has a smoother flavor than natural cocoa powder. However, the Guinness stout beer in this recipe adds to the deep, chocolate flavor that the dutch cocoa offers. The alcohol will mostly bake out, so don’t worry! If you are not able to use beer, you can substitute the beer with coffee and omit the espresso powder. Although the cake turns out way better and more rich with beer, the coffee will still help to highlight the dutch cocoa. This recipe also calls for mayonnaise, which might seem scary at first. No worries, though! Mayonnaise is just a mixture of eggs and oil and is very common in cakes, as it helps to add more moisture to the batter. And don’t worry, the only thing you will be able to taste in the final product is the rich, chocolatey flavor of the Guinness and dutch cocoa.

This cake tastes amazing with Nutella buttercream or my homemade caramel recipe as filling or frosting. You can also freeze your cake for later use; this is the only cake I’ve made that freezes well without a dramatic change in texture. For a more detailed explanation of this recipe, please visit Sugar Geek Show’s blog for the original Death by Chocolate Cake. Happy baking!

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