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BEST Mock Meringue Buttercream Ever!

I've tried them all...Swiss, Italian, German, French, you name it. This is the one recipe that I kept coming back to. There's a reason it went viral on TikTok.

This Mock Swiss Meringue Buttercream recipe has been around for ages, apparently. But, I learned it from one of my favorite bakers, Sugar Geek Show, that I discovered while watching Cake Wars one day.

“Here's how to get that creamy, dreamy, perfectly pipe-able buttercream, that literally tastes like ice cream.”

This recipe was my first viral video, so I know many others were also on the hunt for the perfect buttercream. And I'm happy to share why I think this one is superior.

Only PROS, no Cons

This buttercream is so smooth and tastes like a dream. Gone are the days of American buttercream and its total lack of depth. Initially, when I started my baking business, I was making the amazing, but often time consuming Swiss and Italian Meringue Buttercream. I loved the texture and I loved how it didn't taste or feel like pure, grainy sugar in my mouth. However, after having a lot of friends sample it, I realized that many, here in the States, are accustomed to the sweetness of American Buttercream. Most loved it, but commented on its lack of sweetness. So, I feared that someone with a less adventurous palate might not enjoy the light Sweetness of the meringue based recipes. That is when I stumbled upon this recipe.

I was skeptical when I saw that this recipe required eggs whites but no heat. But, after further research, I discovered that pasteurized egg whites are perfectly safe to consume. Pasteurization is basically the use of gently heat to sterilize foods. The temperature for egg whites, is just enough to kill off bacteria, but not change the texture of the egg whites. You can pasteurize your own at home or you can buy the carton egg whites at the grocery store, if you'd like to be sure that they are safe for consumption. I highly recommend this for those of you that may be selling, just to avoid any legal issues that can arise, if someone were to get sick.

Anyway, this recipe is the best of both worlds! The silky texture of a traditional meringue based buttercream, but with a slight more sweetness. Many described the flavor to me as melted ice cream, and many of my TikTok followers agreed. I have had countless customers ask me for the recipe, and since I learned it for free, I am happy to share with you all!

For a more in-depth explanation of the process, please visit Sugar Geek Show's blog for the original recipe, that I use.

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