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Easy Homemade Beignets

Beignets are so delicious and steeped in rich history. Pillowy soft on the inside with a crisp crunch on the outside, add some powdered sugar and you have the iconic French dessert.

Beignets are best when freshly fried and warm. Pair it with a chocolate dipping sauce, honey, or a cup of coffee and you have a delicious breakfast treat. I always thought making the dough for these would be hard, but it actually comes together quickly.

The hardest part is waiting for the dough to rise, so you can fry it up and enjoy. Follow my steps and you'll be enjoying this classic treat in no time. Also, bonus tip...the dough can be frozen. So, you can have beignets any day, all day.

Like with all recipes that require frying in large amounts of oil, I recommend you use a thermometer. I made these once without and the erratic temperature resulted in the outside cooking/browning too fast, while the inside was still doughy and undercooked.

Important Tips (Click arrow)

- Make sure the water is warm, NOT hot. Too hot can kill the active yeast and you will not get a good rise with your dough.

- Use active dry yeast or instant yeast. I used 1 packet which is about 7 oz.

- Make sure to use unsalted butter and make sure that it's soft enough to press a finger into it with ease (room temperature).

- Use a flavorless oil like vegetable, canola, or corn for frying. I also learned that these can be made in the air fryer.

If you would like to freeze them, freeze them on a cookie sheet after cutting into squares. Then, allow them to come back to room temperature, when you are ready to eat them.

Happy Baking!

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