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Best Banana Bars w/ Brown Butter Icing

These banana faux brownies are topped with a rich brown butter icing for a unique, caramelized flavor.

These banana bars with brown butter icing are the best thing I’ve made this year. They might even be the best thing I’ve ever made.

“Your family and friends will beg you to make these again.”

Everyone’s go-to use for overripe bananas is always banana bread. With this recipe, you can take your banana bread to the next level with a dense, brownie-like texture and an amazingly addictive brown butter icing. The icing is really a must in order to elevate these banana bars.

If you really want to make these and your bananas aren’t ripe enough, you can easily fix that by putting them in the oven for 5 to 10 minutes at 350°. Make sure you mash the bananas before you add them into the rest of the batter to ensure that they mix in evenly. In terms of spices, I used cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom to really take the flavor over the top. Cardamom is my favorite spice for these or any banana recipe, since it pairs really well with banana.

These bars freeze well, so if you would like to freeze some to make sure you don’t eat all of them in an hour (like most people do), feel free! This recipe was inspired by the Tastes Better from Scratch blog, so check out their website for more details on these banana bars.

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